Thursday, 28 April 2011


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Blogcatalog thing?


Must stop....

Okay, I have to stop going on blog and posting pointless updates. I realise that this affects precisely zero people, but hopefully now I've posted this I won't be able to post again without looking stupid. To the zero people. Fuck.

China! YAY!

I just checked my traffic, and I got a visit from China! CHINA! Yay! That's like, a long way away. All my prior visits have been from the Uk or Usa or Canada, all of which are kinda boring. So China is good. Hopefully Australia next.

Next Blog?

Blogger, in all my interactions with you, did I ever give you the idea I'm russian? Or polish? Arabic, perhaps? Its just that when I click next blog, I would like to see one I can enjoy, or at the very least read. I can not read russian, so stop it. Sending me the blogs I mean, not russian in general. Send me a nice blog about cats or something, its not like that isn't half of all the blogs.

Technorati shiz



I just weighed myself and found out I've put on over half a stone purely from procrastinating from this coursework and deciding I need to eat a tortilla before I start work. This is bad.